We believe that knowledge is power.

The more you and your family know about your or your child’s medical condition, symptoms and the physiological causes, the more likely you can work together with your healthcare provider (HCP) to find a treatment option that is best suited for you, or your child.

Zynerba is committed to developing breakthrough therapies to improve the quality of lives of patients and their families as they battle certain rare and near-rare neuropsychiatric conditions. We are inspired every day by patients and their families, and understand that no one knows these conditions like those who experience them first hand. As such, we applaud the efforts of patient organizations to drive awareness of these debilitating conditions and seek to partner with many of them. We encourage you to check out the patient resources below for more information and to talk with your HCP about your, or your child’s, symptoms and possible treatment options.

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Fragile X Syndrome
Autism Spectrum Disorder
22q11.2 DS
Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathies (DEE)